Abitare l’interferenza

Hetty Laycock and Miriam Del Seppia

Exhibition and public program part of residency Dispense, curated by Giulia Mariachiara Galiano, Martino De Vincenti e Alessandra Luisa Cozzi, Terzospazio (Zolforosso), Venice, IT. Opening on September 24th 2023, with talk and workshop by Malo Modo.

Pictures by Rovers Malaj and Miriam Del Seppia.


Holobiont, 2023, different kinds of wool from Netherlands, Italy and Norway, hand spun and dyed with plants, lichens and mushrooms. Tapestry produced over two residency periods in summer 2023: Air Green, Søndre Green, Noresund, NO (supported by Norwegian Textile Artists) and Dispense, Terzospazio Zolforosso, Venice, IT
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